# General Rules
# Match Scheduling & Reporting
# Match Play
# Playoff Rules
# Discord Rules

General Rules

1. There will not be an entry fee for the tournament.

2. The deadline for registration is January 28th, 2023. The tournament will start on February 6th, 2023.

3. Tournament matches will be played on the League-provided servers.
Weapons: 10 bullet clipsize, One-shot Sniper, 1 Grenade, 1 shot kill, Realism runspeed

4. The league will operate on Central Time (CT). You can use this website to help coordinate match times: Match weeks run Monday to Sunday.

5. Volute will be required for all participants. Information for Volute can be found on their website at Volute IDs for each player must be submitted at the time of registration.

6. Teams will be made up of 6 players with 4 substitutes. Once a player is registered to one team and the season has begun, that player cannot play for another team for the duration of the season.

7. Teams can only play with the players listed on their roster. Volute IDs must match the IDs listed on the team roster. Players must play with an approximating name to the one listed on the team roster. Roster information will be provided on the league website.

8. Teams caught using non-roster players (smurfs) will forfeit any match that a non-roster player can be shown to have played in. The player who smurfs will be disciplined with a 2 match suspension. Further disciplinary action may ensue in certain cases, such as repeated smurfing or mass-smurfing.

9. Each team will select 4 maps to play from the ⁠Approved Maps List. This will constitute the team’s map list.

10. At the halfway point of the regular season, teams will have the option to replace 2 players on their roster, as long as the incoming reinforcements haven’t played for another team in the current season of the tournament. Teams will also be allowed to switch 1 map from their list of 4. These changes will not take effect until the following match week.

11. The Season will consist of each team playing each other twice, once as home team, once as away team. Following the regular Season will be a double elimination Playoff bracket.

12. The home team for each match will be determined by which team is listed on top in the Match Schedule section of the league website.

Match Scheduling and Reporting

1. Teams will play 1 match per week. Each team is responsible for coordinating with the opposing team to schedule the date and time for the match, with the only restriction of not exceeding 7 calendar days (Maximum limit would be Sunday at 23:59). If an agreement is not reached between the two, the match will be held either Wednesday or Saturday, at regular hours (10:00 pm CT), as determined by the League Staff.

2. The home team will decide which server, map, and side they want to play first. Teams will remain on the same sides they ended on the first map for the second map.

3. The home team will select the maps for that particular match. One from their Map List, and one from the away team’s Map List. Teams cannot pick the same map twice- even if the map appears in both team’s Map Lists. Map selection must be posted in the League discord prior to the start of the match.

4. After the match is completed, the team captains will be responsible for reporting the Match Results. Match Results should be posted to the Match Reports Channel on our Discord server, or sent to a League Staff Member. Screenshots of the scores should be taken so the results can be verified.

5. Each team will be permitted to postpone one (1) match. Both teams will have 1 extra week to complete the match.

Match Play

1. Each team captain will have access to Rcon for the match. If a league server is down or unplayable, the match will take place on the other league server. If the other league server is reserved or not available, the teams will be permitted to postpone the match without penalty. The postponed match must be played within 7 calendar days of the originally scheduled match.

2. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players to start the match.

3. Teams will have 15 minutes to get their team members in the server. If a team does not have at least 4 players by the 15 minute mark, they will forfeit the match. After the 15-minutes tolerance, teams can keep adding members until reaching the 6-players limit.

4. Each team must be respectful of all the participants in the match. Inappropriate behavior (trash talk, swearing, disrespect or taunting) must be screenshotted and submitted to the League Staff. Inappropriate behavior may lead to suspension or expulsion from the league.

5. Voice taunts will be disabled for the match.

6. Major Violations or blacked-out screenshots will be reviewed and anything suspicious will lead to disqualification, as determined by the League Staff.

7. The two maps the home team has picked will be played in a conventional MOH:AA scrim format, with a 7 round limit per side. Once a team has gained an insurmountable lead (cannot be tied or beaten), the map will end.

8. The winner of a match will be determined by the total number of rounds won in the two maps played. This rule does not apply to the playoff rounds.

9. The winner of the match will receive 3 points in the league standings and the loser will receive 0. In cases of a tie, each team will receive 2 points.

10. If a team forfeits a match, the opposing team “wins” the match, and receives 3 points.

Playoff Rules

1. The rules above apply to the playoff rounds, unless otherwise noted.

2. The playoffs will be double elimination. At the end of the Season, teams that qualify for the Playoffs will be seeded in a bracket according to their league point total found in the league standings. In the case of ties at the end of the Season tie-breakers will be used in this order: A. Head-to-head record B. Head-to-head round total C. Total round differential in all matches played. (SF in the standings table)

3. The higher seeded team will be the home team.

4. Best of 3 maps will be used. The first team to win 2 maps advances in the playoff.

5. The Home team will select a map from the Away team’s map list, and the Away team will select a map from the Home team’s map list. If both teams win a map, the third map will be chosen by the Home team from their map list.

6. At the beginning of the playoff rounds, the League Staff will set a deadline for when matches need to be played by. Matches can only be postponed with approval from the League Staff.

7. If a playoff match ends in a tie, with the number of maps and rounds won being the same, a sudden death 1-map match will be played the following day.

Discord Rules

1. Users should be respectful to each other and should not type around the word filter.

2. Explicit, racist, inflammatory, or offensive comments, or names, are not permitted. Keep it friendly here.

3. Spamming is not permitted.

4. Advertising other servers is not permitted without prior permission.

5. Tournament and Ladder rules will be posted separately in their respective Discord channels.

6. The League Staff reserves the right to mute or remove accounts that violate these above rules.

# General Rules
# Match Scheduling & Reporting
# Match Play
# Playoff Rules
# Discord Rules