Information for Season 5 Playoffs is now available on the league website. Playoffs are set to begin on Monday, November 27th. Please take this time to review the playoff rules.

Playoff Rules

  1. The [regular season] rules apply to the playoff rounds, unless otherwise noted.
  1. The playoffs will be double elimination. At the end of the Season, teams will be seeded in a bracket according to their league point total found in the league standings. In the case of ties at the end of the Season tie-breakers will be used in this order:

A. Head-to-head record
B. Head-to-head round total
C. Total round differential in all matches played. (SF in the standings table)

  1. At the beginning of the playoff rounds, the League Staff will set a deadline for when matches need to be played by. Matches can only be postponed with approval from the League Staff.
  1. The higher seeded team will be the home team.
  1. Best of 3 maps will be used. The first team to win 2 maps advances in the playoff.
  1. The Home team will select a map from the Away team’s map list, and the Away team will select a map from the Home team’s map list. If neither teams win 2 maps, the third map will be chosen by the Home team from their map list.
  1. If a playoff match ends in a tie, with neither teams reaching the 2-map threshold, a tie-breaker will be played within 3 days of the match. The 4th map will be selected by the Home team from opponent’s maplist. If a team still does not reach the 2-map threshold, a 5th map will be selected by the Away team from their own maplist. If there is still not a winner after the 5th map, the total amount of rounds won from both match dates will determine the winner.
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